Project Voyager

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The MOD Information Systems and Services (ISS) project teams based in Whitehall and in Corsham were spending too much time commuting between sites to conduct face-to-face meetings to shorten timeframes, produce more accurate data, include all stakeholders and conclude projects more quickly. This resulted in increased travelling cost, longer working hours and reduced productivity.

The overriding challenge was to improve collaborative working, speed up the decision-making process, include a greater number of stakeholders and make meetings/briefings shorter and more productive.


  • Projects overrun by days, weeks or even months because of the lack of collaborative working environments
  • Using siloed information on multiple security domains naturally hinders the ability to work collaboratively
  • There is a loss of productivity due to travel and preparing to travel
  • Whilst videoconferencing only makes the room bigger, communication remains only one-to-one or one-to-many
  • Escalating travelling costs
  • True collaboration systems are often low priority in traditional large enterprise IT programmes


  • Reduce the time, process and money spent on travel and travel planning
  • Improve the pace and effectiveness of informed decision-making
  • Maximise the productivity of distributed teams
  • Improve the ability to access and share content and information which sits within multiple security domains
  • Transform the culture and capability of the workforce by providing modern, intuitive and distributed collaborative services
  • Provide the capability for project teams to work concurrently on disparate projects
  • Incorporate legacy (DII) and future (MODNet) IT systems as well as technologies such as videoconferencing, Skype for Business, live streamed video and social media

The Networked Collaboration Service (NCS) from SecureCloud+ enables the real-time sharing of multi-sourced information/content of known (trusted) and open (untrusted) formats to be processed, visualised and disseminated in real-time.

The blending of information and people across dispersed groups to review, research, monitor, discover and analyse enables decisions to be made quickly and effectively. Existing investments in legacy and future information systems are protected, and the integrity of the secure networks is maintained.


  • Freedom to lead, participate and contribute to project meetings without travelling, saving money and increasing efficiency
  • Project team members can take an active role, utilising the full capabilities of the service in meetings by using various devices such as workstations, smart phones and tablets
  • Blending information derived from existing systems protects previous IT investments
  • Fusing of content from multiple security domains into a single information environment enables faster decision making
  • Electronic or physical data rooms can be freed up and used more effectively
  • Ongoing project content is stored securely and can be restored at any time as required
  • The NCS is accredited across different security classifications including to TOP SECRET and enables dissemination of information to other parts of the business

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NCS is an easy to use, cost effective solution which brings people and data together simultaneously in a visually and content rich environment regardless of geographical location or the access device. This has led to a common understanding of project progressions and has increased productivity.

SecureCloud+ has a record of delivering innovative secure end-to-end managed services where quality is integral, the service is fit for purpose and represents value for money.

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SecureCloud+ will become the trusted service delivery partner within Defence and Public Sector with a reputation for fast and successful delivery of secure managed ICT services at all Government Security Classifications tiers.

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