Case Studies

Due to the critical nature of the services we provide the following is a selection of our case studies. For further information please contact us.


CIRRUS Case Study BACKGROUND Team Tempest is a partnered, co-funded element of the Future Combat Air System Technology Initiative (FCAS TI). The initiative was launched in July 2018 by the RAF Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) and UK Industry partners to harness and develop UK-unique capabilities that are critical for next generation combat air capability and … Continue reading CIRRUS


OSPREY Case Study BACKGROUND SecureCloud+ was approached by Air Command to deliver a secure accredited platform which would fuse multiple existing feeds in real time across multiple classifications, to best enable operational planning and execution within the Air Operations Cell. This would allow mission critical information to be securely ingested, manipulated and shared – optimising … Continue reading OSPREY


PLATO Case Study BACKGROUND Through the DASA Defence People Challenge, SecureCloud+ was contracted to deliver a collaboration service that would vastly improve the communication and collaboration within departments and sites whilst integrating legacy systems. The expected result would increase productivity whilst reducing costs. VISION SecureCloud+ and No. 22 Training Group developed a vision to integrate … Continue reading PLATO


HERRING Case Study BACKGROUND SecureCloud+ were engaged by a large Telco Defence Prime to design and deliver a common multi-tenanted platform which would have the capability to support multiple contracts in the most cost-effective way. Additionally, the platform will offer collaboration to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) at multiple security classifications up to and including … Continue reading HERRING


ZIRCON Case Study BACKGROUND SecureCloud+ were approached by a multi-site organisation under the MoD that focuses on intelligence gathering and exploitation, as well as Surveillance capability training. The client provides multiple agencies with mission critical information from air, land and maritime assets. The air station is also home to a state-of-the-art training facility, which prepares … Continue reading ZIRCON


KINGFISHER Case Study BACKGROUND In 2017 the Ministry of Defence (MOD) contacted SecureCloud+, requiring support for a critical project. They needed to transform defensive cyber capability across the front-line commands (FLCs) of Navy, Army and RAF, this included replacing the existing deployable cyber platform used by the Cyber Protection Teams (CPTs) on Operations. The client … Continue reading KINGFISHER


ATLANTIS & ASTERIX Case Study BACKGROUND SecureCloud+ was approached by an IT solutions provider who works closely with the MOD. The client specialises in delivering technical support to Government, the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) as well as demanding Regulatory and Compliance environments. The client has experienced exponential growth over the years, taking on complex projects … Continue reading ATLANTIS & ASTERIX

MMIS Secure WFH Case Study

MMIS Secure WFH Case Study COVID-19 and Secure Working From Home Case Study BACKGROUND Government and Public Sector Department’s need to maintain business continuity whilst working within the Government’s IT Security Classifications. Users that already have access to secure departmental IT need to have the ability to share information with other users who may only … Continue reading MMIS Secure WFH Case Study

Project Helix

Project Helix Background As a pioneer in mobile satellite communications, SecureCloud+’s client was contracted by the UK Government to provide system engineering and programme management support for a major UK satellite programme. As part of the delivery, the Company’s client required a communications system that enabled industry partners to collaborate with UK Government agencies and … Continue reading Project Helix

Project Voyager

The Networked Collaboration Service (NCS) from SecureCloud+ enables the real-time sharing of multi-sourced information/content of known (trusted) and open (untrusted) formats to be processed, visualised and disseminated in real-time. This solution was deployed and provided a secure collaboration service enabling the senior management team to bring together multiple streams of information from classified and unclassified sources and visualise in an immersive environment.


SecureCloud+ will become the trusted service delivery partner within Defence and Public Sector with a reputation for fast and successful delivery of secure managed ICT services at all Government Security Classifications tiers.

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