Case Studies

Due to the critical nature of the services we provide the following is a selection of our case studies. For further information please contact us.

Project Helix

Background As a pioneer in mobile satellite communications, SecureCloud+’s client was contracted by the UK Government to provide system engineering and programme management support for a major UK satellite programme. As part of the delivery, the Company’s client required a communications system that enabled industry partners to collaborate with UK Government agencies and a suite … Continue reading Project Helix

Project Voyager

The Networked Collaboration Service (NCS) from SecureCloud+ enables the real-time sharing of multi-sourced information/content of known (trusted) and open (untrusted) formats to be processed, visualised and disseminated in real-time. This solution was deployed and provided a secure collaboration service enabling the senior management team to bring together multiple streams of information from classified and unclassified sources and visualise in an immersive environment.

Project Rossiter

This Service delivers a Collaboration Environment accredited at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE which allow communication and collaboration between personnel and a closed community of academics and scientists. SecureCloud+ provides A dedicated user working environment including Office automation, A secure collaboration environment that facilitates the creation, storage and sharing of documentation and other information at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE.

Project Quicksilver and Tigershark

The SecureCloud+ NCS (Networked Collaboration Service) provides a hybrid data fusion system which operation teams to bring together multiple security domain intelligence, and visualise an immersive collaboration environment.NCS (Networked Collaboration Service) supports the MoD in bringing together situational awareness data across multiple sources, so that operational HQ and deployed nomadic users can collaborate on fused intelligence to enhance operational capabilities.

Project Sundial

This current service delivers an Application Hosting Environment to host a Microsoft Time Recording application. The project and the time recording elements were successfully delivery to time and following a period of early life support has been transitioned to a fully managed service.

Project Kestrel

KESTREL provides a flexible and open PaaS architecture, creating an open and secure enablement platform for Cyber Defence applications to be deployed within the client’s project. The project was successfully delivered with its first live applications in under 5 months from contract award in both security domains, with the ability to support over 50 (fifty) planned unique applications.


SecureCloud+ will become the trusted service delivery partner within Defence and Public Sector with a reputation for fast and successful delivery of secure managed ICT services at all Government Security Classifications tiers.

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