National Coding Week: a view from the team- Mark Conroy

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To celebrate National Coding Week, we asked two members of our brilliant technical team to share a window into their world.

Mark Conroy, Software Developer     

Why I got into coding

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by computers. At a young age, I used to enjoy creating HTML webpages and websites for myself and friends. I took IT, Maths and Physics at A Level, with my best result being IT (which didn’t involve too much coding!). I studied Computer Science at university, which is where I began to develop my coding skills. I originally wanted to be a video game developer, but after completing a game design and development course at university I decided it was not for me – I enjoyed the development part but not the design part!

What I enjoy most about coding

I love being able to create something from ‘nothing’ – just from thoughts and ideas. Being involved in a process which turns ideas into something that can be used by others is satisfying. I particularly enjoy the creative freedom I get at SecureCloud+: I can choose whatever language, libraries and tools I want to get the job done. Because of this, I’m constantly using and learning new technologies which helps me to stay up to date in the ever-changing technological landscape.

My coding journey so far

While I was at university, I worked with a local business to develop various solutions which would let them manage attendees at their events across the UK. This included a lot of custom development for their CMS to add event registration, invoice and payment functionality. I also developed bespoke e-ticketing software which could be used at the events.

I joined SecureCloud+ as a graduate in April 2018 and one of my first assignments was to build a software solution to automate document redaction. Although I had no experience in C# and little experience in JavaScript, I managed to produce a working proof-of-concept within a few months. Since then, I’ve developed several other solutions for the company, including meeting recording software which will soon be integrated into our Networked Collaboration Service  offering.

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