National Cyber Security Awareness Month: A view from the team – Bradley Battersby

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Throughout my life, I have always had a particular interest in technology and especially computers. From playing console games to using PC’s to complete homework; I was always fascinated with technology and how things worked. My enthusiasm for IT started showing during my academic years and felt like a positive career choice moving forward. It was the time I started researching and exploring the career options available in IT as it had great prospects. However, I was still not quite sure at the time where I would land in the world of IT.

Fast forward a few years; I landed my first job working for a company that only focused primarily on networking. This was my first real insight into this segment of the industry. The business facilitated some training opportunities where I studied and gained Cisco CCNA Certifications.

As I progressed in my knowledge of IT, I joined SecureCloud+. The company was experiencing incredible amounts of growth and I was offered the opportunity to join the Service Desk.

This role allowed me to explore more sectors of IT and gave me valuable experience in providing a more technical hands on approach to fixing and resolving customer issues.

Working at SecureCloud+ has made me realise how important Cyber Security can be to all facets of IT. The company recognised this and selected me to start a Cyber Technologist Apprenticeship in order for me to gain knowledge on subjects such as Network and Digital Communications Theory, Cyber Security basics and other BCS endorsed subjects. In addition, I also completed a Cyber Security Bootcamp which gave me exposure to more in-depth topics such as Red and Blue teams and more niche subjects within the subject.

As I continue to push ahead on the Service Desk, this extra knowledge has enabled me to focus more on the IT Security side of the business. I now have responsibilities in Network monitoring, Next Generation Firewall configuration, Vulnerability assessments and providing advice and guidance on best security practice.

Cyber Security is a vital part of any business and there is a bright and busy future ahead for innovation.


SecureCloud+ will become the trusted service delivery partner within Defence and Public Sector with a reputation for fast and successful delivery of secure managed ICT services at all Government Security Classifications tiers.

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