Mission Operational Command – MOCaaS



MOCaaS is a scalable, portable solution providing secure CIS in static and deployable environments in a mission configurable mode. The system enables the sharing/exchange of Intelligence and operations information where connectivity is unreliable. Available at a number of classification levels, supporting autonomous activities and networking using any bearer of opportunity.


  • Independent autonomous CIS capabilities delivered on a mission configurable infrastructure
  • Deployed and mobile network connectivity via any bearer of opportunity
  • Deployment footprint reduced by sharing virtualised services
  • System delivered in ruggedised units suitable for harsh, inhospitable environments
  • Handles up to GSC SECRET data in a deployable role
  • Office Automation applications including email, collaborative working and file storage
  • Import and Export (IMPEX) functionality
  • Secure print capability
  • Fully managed end-to-end service delivery


  • Supports collaborative decision-making using live feeds
  • Enables rapid reaction to changing circumstances which is fully audited
  • Reduces time to deploy as the service is delivered pre-configured
  • Efficient modular design minimises size, weight, power reducing deployment costs
  • Improved experience through acceleration technology and rapid availability of applications
  • Rapid introduction using the latest lightweight COTS technology and end user service


SecureCloud+ specialises in ICT solutions for Government and Public Sector organisations that have demanding security requirements, including the Defence and Intelligence communities. By means of innovative solutions delivered as an end-to-end managed service, users are able to access their secure networks at all tiers of the Government Classification System and the resources and applications that sit on them.


  • Secure Managed Private Cloud at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE, SECRET and TOP SECRET
  • Accredited enterprise mobility services
  • Advanced Collaboration Capabilities
  • Integration of legacy systems
  • Specialist cyber protection and Information Assurance
  • Transformational outsourcing of security elements

For further information about SecureCloud+ Limited, please visit our website at www.securecloudplus.co.uk.


SecureCloud+ will become the trusted service delivery partner within Defence and Public Sector with a reputation for fast and successful delivery of secure managed ICT services at all Government Security Classifications tiers.

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"The deployable service consists of servers, applications and information assurance which forms an autonomous environment which is held in a high state of readiness"