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We specialise in solutions for defence and public sector customers with demanding and innovative ICT requirements.

cloud enabling

Cloud Enabling Services

Specialist resources and professional services to complement and support the delivery of managed services from SecureCloud+.

official sensitive private cloud

Private Cloud Services

Scalable private cloud services available at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE, SECRET AND TOP SECRET of the Government Security Classification model.

enterprise mobility management

Managed Mobile Information Service

From a mobile device, users can access Corporate IT systems on secure government networks via the Internet. Find out how Government and the Public sector can maintain business continuity during the Covid-19 Crisis here.

mocass information enclosed

Mission Operational Command as a Service

A scalable, deployable system enabling sharing and exchange of Intelligence and Operations Information even where connectivity is unreliable.

networked collaboration

Networked Collaboration Service

An intuitive, real-time collaborative working environment where all participants are active contributors.

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SecureCloud+ is a trusted provider of secure communication and collaboration services for Defence and Government. Users are given access to their networks, resources and applications using secure solutions delivered as an end-to-end managed service.

The Company is already delivering multi-year contracts to public sector customers for managed service at all tiers of the government’s IT security classification system, including TOP SECRET.


SecureCloud+ is constantly seeking to leverage advances in technology such as data visualisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver modern ways of working whilst still exploiting the investment in legacy systems. The Company’s expertise in developing these technologically advanced solutions, managing complex projects and protecting secure networks has led to an enviable record for delivering on time and within budget.

The SecureCloud+ team have proven these principles in the delivery of critical systems in the UK and in support of Operations including the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan.


SecureCloud+ will become the trusted service delivery partner within Defence and Public Sector with a reputation for fast and successful delivery of secure managed ICT services at all Government Security Classifications tiers.

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